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VOX Amplification

VOX and WGS began working together in 2018 to discover a refreshing new sound in the AC15 Limited Edition Hand Wired circuits they have been building for the last 70 years. WGS supplied VOX with samples of several standard WGS models, and the VOX team unanimously chose the G12C to be the first WGS speaker to ship in their legendary amps in 2019!

Two-Rock Amplification

Two-Rock builds some truly amazing tube amps. They have a custom speaker built by WGS. The 12-65B was built to Two-Rock specs and is only available directly from them. Some of Two-Rock's artists include John Mayer, Eric Gales, Matt Schofield, & Brad Whitford.

Suhr Guitars and Amplification

Suhr has a facility with state of the art equipment combined with old world style craftsman to make some of the best guitars and amps available.

Shaw Audio

Shaw amps are hand built one at a time using a mixture of new and vintage components. When available they use vintage Hammond transformers and chassis and then build up each amp from scratch using carbon film resistors, Sozo, Sprague,and silver mica tone caps, JJ’s electrolytics, micalex tube sockets, Cliff and Switchcraft jacks. Most all of their amps are true point to point construction with no turret boards and very little wire.

Indigo Amplification

Indigo Amplification is based in central New Jersey and has been in the business of building and repairing custom amplifiers since 1999. Founded by a couple of lifelong musicians and electronics mavens, Indigo has been bringing great tone to people for almost 20 years now.

PRS Guitar

Described as having an English sound with an American twist, the PRS “30” amplifier features a quartet of EL84 power tubes and offers both vintage tones and modern versatility. The PRS “30” is handmade in Stevensville, Maryland utilizing thick pc boards for consistency. All pots, jacks, power tube sockets and switches are chassis mounted and shielded wire is used where critical. Check out the PRS 30 which uses the WGS ET65.

East Amplification

Jeff Bober, designer of the now famous Budda Amps has recently founded his new company East Amplification. Jeff has designed two new ground-breaking amp models to kick off this new line.

Victoria Amplifier

Since 1993, Victoria has been building amps that faithfully capture the sound of tweed amps of the late '50s.

Goodsell Amplifiers

Goodsell Amplifiers is known for making award winning amplifiers in Atlanta, GA. All Richard's amps are extremely musical and responsive. Check them out.

Kendrick Amplifiers

Kendrick Amplifiers has been hand building some of the best tube amps availabel since 1989. Gerald Weber is recognized as one of the leading authorities on tube amp design and repair.

Reeves Amplification

Reeves Amplification offers hand wired mil-spec tube amps based on the Dave Reeves era Hiwatts.

RedPlate Amps

Red Plate Amps offers amps with singing harmonic sustain. All construction is non-PCB and has the lowest noise floor possible.


ARTESOUND amps are constructed of only the highest quality materials: cabinets in 22 mm thick solid wood, aluminium chassis, oversized transformers to avoid stress, selected tubes, polypropylene or paper-in-oil capacitors and carbon composition resistors.

All electric assembly is handmade with the point-to-point technique or turret board construction with specific wires to stand high temperatures. This guarantees that these amps produce high quality sound, exceptional strength and long life.



WGS dealer and cabinet builder located in Germany.

Nolatone Ampworks

Nolatone amps are hand bult in Raliegh, NC. Paul uses only high quality components in construction and pays meticulous attention to detail in his workmanship.

Port City Amplification

"At Port City we believe in the concept of innovation. From the patented design of the Port City Wave cabinets, to the unique circuit design of our amplifiers, no detail is ignored. Our products not only look different, they sound different. We invite your to explore what Port City Amplifiers has to offer you."

Aftershock Designs

Although Aftershock is a relatively new company they are not new to the industry or woodworking and finishing. 3rd generation builder, finisher and owner, Brandon Blankenship started helping his dad in his cabinet shop when he was 5 years old. And has been in the industry ever since. Woodworking is in his blood.

phone: 407-504-9763

Vintage Sound Amps

Vintage Sound Amps is located in Gulf Breeze, Florida. Their philosophy in amp building is very simple –they strive to build the cleanest sounding amplifiers using vintage mid-60’s Black Face circuitry (with modifications unique to Vintage Sound) using the best components available today.

Singletone Amplificadores

Singletone Amplification's goal is to build the best looking and sounding boutique vintage amplifiers. Singletone installs in their amps the finest components, selected tubes and custom handmade transformers. It all happens in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


3 Monkeys Amps

Greg Howard (guitar tech), Ossie Ahsen (amp tech, designer, and builer) and Brad Whitford (guitarist of Aerosmith) joined forces to create some amazing sounding amps. Check them out!

Hime Amplification

Founded in 2012 by Jeff, Hime Amplification is working with 18 years of electronic industry experience. Jeff started playing guitar at an early age and attended Belmont University and got a degree in classical guitar. After college, Jeff became interested in electronics and gained valuable experience for 11 years working for one of Nashvilles top repair shops.

(615) 562-0089
505 Cathy Jo Circle, Nashville, TN 37211

Blades Custom Amplification

Blades build their amps using the finest materials & parts, all HANDMADE in USA & BUILT TOUGH! They take circuits once only available to Elite ROCKSTARS & put them into a cool package with some new ideas!

Graefe Designs

Graefe Designs builds awesome amps using WGS speakers.

Granger Amplification

Granger's mission is to build high performance, handcrafted vacuum tube amplifiers, using only the finest components and time-tested designs. Granger amps are custom made in the USA!

Soundsrite Audio

Rocket Cab Solid Pine Guitar Cabinets The Mission: To superbly craft a no compromise guitar speaker enclosure capable of producing incredible tone, resonance and presence. To build our cabinets in the United States of America and use the highest quality USA materials. To be able to offer them at an outstanding value on investment.