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Why or When your first Guitar Should Be an Acoustic Guitar

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Why or When your first Guitar Should Be an Acoustic Guitar

Hello again musical, guitar playing, palzies.  Two blogs ago I suggested  a lad or lass's first guitar should be a Fender Telecaster, check it out. Last week I made the case for a Strat as a first guitar.  But, in the 2020's, is there still a good case to be made for the good old acoustic guitar as the best first guitar?  Short answer: yeah, definitely sometimes.  Long answer: let's jump into that!

acoustic guitar rocks

So, when I was a wee little lad, my mom demanded I get an acoustic guitar before we committed the big bucks to an electric setup. Heck we WERE poor, but man, that first $19.99 acoustic guitar doubled as a medival torture device; why shove splinters behind someones finger nails when you can slice into the finger tips, right??

And so, I was soooo glad to get my first decent playing ELECTRIC guitar (for the story of how I scored my first electric guitar, read this).

little boy guitar

Awwwe ... wasn't I cute :)

But today is a totally different day!  NOT every budding guitar player want's to be Eddie VanHalen, heck some want to be Jason Maraz.  And that's totally awesome.  Plus, really decent cheap acoustic guitars that wont hurt your fingers TOO much are now available, so here is my final suggestion:  If  acoustic style music is the kind of music you want to play (or the newby in question), then heck yeah, start on an acoustic! 

why play guitar

A couple more side notes:

1. NOTHING is as cool at campfire or pickup bed singalongs as an acoustic.  Nothing!

2. Heck, if it's what you're into, don't be afraid to make a NYLON string acoustic your first guitar.  They really are much easier on the finger tips :)