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Vitali T

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A native of Belarus, Vitali began his formal music training under the guidance of widely respected Yuri Dzmitrieu of the Ethno-Trio Troitsa, and “National Artist of Belarus” - Vladimir Tkachenko, a widely admired Belarusian guitarist who is known particularly for his two-hand tapping technique. Due to his exposure to the two-hand tapping technique, Vitali began to incorporate it into his own style of playing. Following his experience Vitali went on to study guitar and music on a University level at the Institute of Modern Knowledge. Instead of starting his career as a full-time professional musician, as many before him have done, Vitali moved out of his hometown to learn more about the study of music and guitar. In 2006, Vitali transitioned out of Belarus and into the United States in order to study guitar at the Atlanta Institute of Music (AIM). At AIM, Vitali’s focus and diligent study ethics led to his graduation as an honor student. Vitali assembles diverse elements in a way that feels natural. He pays homage to his musical roots while pushing beyond those sometimes limited boundaries, taking us on a delightful musical journey. His approach to rock fusion music is invigorating. He gives equal attention to playing, composing, and writing, choosing songs that embrace both traditional and modern sounds. In 2009, Vitali released a single “Fly Away”, and in July 2011 Vitali released his debut solo record “Sides”. In 2011 as author Vitali released book “Modern Scales Concepts” (Atlanta Institute of Music & VTP Publishing). Vitali continues as a guitar program faculty member at Atlanta Institute of Music, and also spends time performing with the jazz guitar duet “Atl City Jazz”.