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Logan Ramp

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Logan Ramp is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter based in Nashville, TN. After being introduced to groups like the Eagles, Boston, and Lynyrd Skynyrd at an early age, he became fascinated with music. Hearing Eric Clapton at the age of 9, inspired him to pick up a guitar and he immediately started practicing numerous hours a day, further influenced by greats such as Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, John Mayer, and Jimmy Page. By the age of 10, he was playing local events and talent contests near his hometown in Southern Indiana. By his mid-teens, Logan was digging further into the early blues players like Robert Johnson, Charley Patton, Junior Kimbrough, and Son House. At this time, he knew he wanted to pursue music professionally and in 2009, he moved to Nashville to study at Belmont University. During his time studying at Belmont, Ramp had the opportunity to grow into a more versatile musician, incorporating jazz and country styles, further influenced by greats such as Albert Lee, Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, Brent Mason, Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, and Charlie Christian.
In addition to playing regularly with several artists, songwriters, and bands in and around Nashville, he has worked on studio sessions and toured nationally and with various artists. His capabilities include guitars (electric, acoustic, resonator, nylon string), lead & backing vocals, in various genres including country, blues, soul, jazz, and rock. Logan is also currently pursuing his love of blues and songwriting with his own blues project, performing with a full band, as well as acoustic solo or duo shows.